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A few interesting links…

Don’t have much to say over this holiday weekend.  Feeling sick again for the 2nd time in a month.  Ever since I started taking public transportation…BAM I’m sick twice with a goddamn cold. (Yeah I said “GODDAMN” so what)

Here are a few links I found funny or interesting the last few days.


Lewis Black on The New Testatment:


Comedian Bo Burnham gives a ranting Atheist Rap.  Pretty good!


Nicholas Cage losing his shit!  He’s insane but I like him anyway.


Breakfast at Gingers


You Can’t Trust Science – The Thinking Atheist


America is England’s Fault by Greg Proops



Monday Morning Awesome

B.B. King, Eric Clapton & Phil Collins, The Thrill is Gone.

Another Lazy Sunday

I’m having a pretty lazy Sunday and really don’t feel like writing much.

I went to the movies last night and saw David Fincher’s The Social Network.   I thought the dialogue was smart, the pace fast and the performances all very good.  Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay plays a little fast with the facts but it doesn’t matter.  The Social Network  is not a documentary.  Yes I know no one speaks this way but so what.  By the way no one speaks David Mamet either.  Sorkin makes a dry subject, the writing of code during the founding of  Facebook,  move like a thriller.  I suspect Mr. Sorkin will be up for an Oscar come awards season.   The Social Network is a film about our times and that’s what makes it a must see.   By the way, Justin Timberlake (Heir to the Timberlake Boot Fortune) gives a terrific performance.  This kid really does have talent.

Have you seen Mishka the auto-tune dog?  Pretty funny!

This Funny or Die Video of Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady is pretty funny also.

Click here: Every Little step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady

In case you missed it earlier this week Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake gave us The History of Rap.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 was the 120th birthday of one of the greatest screen comedians of all time, the incomparable Groucho Marx.  When I was younger whenever I felt a little down I would pop in a Marx Bros film and it would do more for my spirits then anything else.  Here are several of his videos for your enjoyment.

The Best of Groucho

The Marx Bros Mirror Scene from Duck Soup (1933)

Whatever it is I’m Against it – Groucho Marx (Horse Feathers, 1932)

Lastly I leave you with a video my friend Buddy Katz posted on Facebook that I really liked very much.  It’s the great Bob Marley song One Love performed by musicians from around the world in honor of his birthday on February 6th.  See if you can watch this video without feeling uplifted.

The Week So Far…

Everyday I post various links to Facebook & Twitter in the hopes of either making someone laugh or think.  I realized today that Facebook’s Newsfeed doesn’t really post all of my links.  I asked my sister if she saw a certain link and she said nope.  That sucks!  I think from now on I’m going to mostly post these links here.  Forget about Facebook for the most part.  Ok…I’m lying but I am going to gather the links here at various times of the week.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My first link this week was to the incredible story of Aroldis Chapman who on Friday evening made history by throwing a pitch 105-mph.  The Cincinnati Reds 22 year old pitcher came into the game and blew the opposing batters away by throwing 25 pitches, all over 100 mph.  Amazing…here’s the link to the story by Steve Hanson for Yahoo News:

Chapman Throws the Fastest Pitch Ever Recorded

The next story was about the owner of Segway going over a cliff riding a Segway.  I know it’s a tragedy but I couldn’t help thinking of Wyle E. Coyote riding an Acme scooter over a cliff in the hopes of catching that damn Road Runner…Beep-Beep!

Segway Tycoon Dies in Cliff Plunge

NIKE has an interesting Ad for women with big butts and why it’s ok to have one.  I agree, especially about the one in the ad.

Clear Perpectives, My Butt is Big.

The 15 most bizarre soother designs or as we Latinos call them…bobos.  Some of these designs are kind of gross but pretty funny.

15 Most Bizarre Soother (Bobos) Designs

Rolling Stone magazine released their 100 best guitarists of all time this past week.   At #1 was the unforgettable Jimi Hendrix.  Even though it’s been 40 years since his death and these lists are highly subjective, there is no doubt that he was an amazing artist and a Rock & Roll Icon.  Pete Townshend of The Who, no slouch himself, writes a nice tribute to Hendrix in the story.  My guy, Eric Clapton, comes in 4th on the list but I’m not complaining, it’s an amazing list of talent.  Enjoy!

Rolling Stone Magazine’s 100 Greatest Guitarists

Tuesday, September 28, 2010:

This week’s big Atheist news is a story in The New York Times about a poll by the Independent Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life that shows Atheists knowing more about religion then believers.  Why am I not surprised?

Basic Religion Test Stumps Many Americans

The Coen Brothers have always been interesting filmmakers.  Even when their films seem like their pulling your leg with a shaggy dog story you still come away impressed by their story-telling gifts.  This Christmas they remake a John Wayne ditty True Grit with Jeff Bridges.  Leave it to the Coen Brothers to turn The Duke into The Dude.  Enjoy the trailer:

In Katherine Heigl‘s new movie she plays a single girl who meets a guy she hates and slowly falls in love with him.  Is this woman really going to make the same movie over and over again?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010:

The Hollywood Reporter had a story that George Lucas is going to release all six Star Wars movies in 3D in 2012.  Can someone please take these films away from this guy?  He’s like a woman addicted to plastic surgery, he just can’t stop.

Star Wars Saga Set for 3D

The Kings Speech: One of the hot films that are due for the Fall starring Colin Firth and the always great Geoffrey Rush.  Enjoy the traler!

An interesting short film that I found this morning in Roger Ebert’s Club newsletter, The Gift by Carl Erick Rinsch.

Funny Book trailer for all the Trekkies out there and yes I do count myself as one.  Night of the Living Trekkies!

Arthur Penn died Tuesday evening, he was 88.  Penn was way ahead of his time when he directed the great film Bonnie and Clyde.   If you don’t know his work rent Bonnie & Clyde, Little Big Man, Alice’s Restaurant, The Miracle Worker and one of my favorite films of his, Four Friends.  He was an artist and a very special filmmaker.

Arthur Penn, Director of Bonnie and Clyde Dies at 88

Lastly on the way home I read the news that comedian Greg Giraldo had died of an apparent prescription drug overdose.  I first saw Giraldo on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn back in 2002.  I thought he was a very funny guy and was always very good on the Comedy Central Roasts.  First it was Robert Schimmel and now Giraldo.  Funny people shouldn’t die young, they have too much to offer our hum-drum lives.  It’s a shame. RIP Greg Giraldo.

That’s it for The Week So Far.  If  you liked this let me know, if not fuck you!  I kid, I kid…I’m such a kidder.  Seriously tell me what you think.   I hope you come back and tell your friends.  Oh yeah, and please subscribe!

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See you later in the week with more crap…uh I mean stuff.

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