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Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down by Kris Kristofferson

I don’t drink anymore but I really love this song by Kris Kristofferson.  I was never a big drinker to begin with, I never acquired the taste for it but I love the imagery this song conjures up.  My favorite kind of country music is of the sad, heartbreak variety.  I don’t like the modern pop country, give me the Outlaws…Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson and throw in the great Hank Williams & Roy Orbison and I’m happy.  That’s the country music I love.

Another example of the Country Music I love:

I haven’t written too much lately because I’ve been recovering from busy season that ended on October 15th.   This year was really stressful for some reason.  I didn’t over do it with hours, only worked past 8PM  once, but the stress really got to me this time around.  I must be getting old but this pressure is getting to be a pain in my rear end.   Some people who shall remain nameless for this post  make things far worse then they should be.  After 27 years of doing this kind of work there has never been a season where we didn’t get every tax return out that should get out but some of these so called professionals seem to act like this is their first tax rodeo.  The panic that they exhibit brings us all down.  I wish they’d just chill the fuck out already or how about retiring.  (They’re nameless but I just gave away a big clue as to who they are)

I made the mistake of attending a tax conference sponsored by NYU this past week right after the 15th, 3 days of relentless tax talk.  One thing that struck me as the monotone voices droned on is the political editorializing that went along with it.  I realize accountants are conservative by nature but they seem to want no rules and no taxes on top of that.  The dumb thing about it is that if there wasn’t a tax code or a complicated income tax system we’d all be out of a job.  Some of these guys can barely tie their own shoes and I wonder what they would do if a flat tax was suddenly signed into law?  Pump gas?  The behemoth tax code is what keeps us employed so accountants should stop their bitching and hope it never gets easy.

The following post is of President Obama participating in the It Gets Better Project.  As director Rob Reiner said on Real Time with Bill Maher the other night, one day we’ll look back on this time and wonder why it took us so long to give every citizen equal rights regardless of their sexual orientation.  I know President Obama has disappointed some regarding the slowness of repealing DADT but it will eventually get done.  The alternative would have been far worse.

Talking about President Obama I wonder when his administration or the Democratic party for that matter is going to start crowing about some of his accomplishments?   In 2 years he has accomplished more then any other Democratic President in a comparable time.   For instance I’m sure the majority of people don’t realize he gave tax cuts to 95% of the population.  Ask someone and they will tell you he raised taxes…not true.   Read the following post by Rolling Stone Political correspondent Tim Dickenson and then try to figure out why this administration has been so bad at getting this story out.

The Case for Obama by Tim Dickenson for Rolling Stone Magazine
For those of you who think Obama’s poll numbers are oh so important take a look at this clip regarding the Republican Messiah Ronald Reagan’s poll numbers at about the same time during his administration.

Take a look at this incredibly insidious ad imploring Latinos to sit out this election because Democrats have not made good on their promise to fix the immigration problem.   It never mentions the fact that Republicans have filibustered any attempt at bringing this problem to the forefront.  Someone asked me this week if Democrats have taken for granted Black and Latino voters why should they continue to vote for them?  First of all I don’t think they’ve been taken for granted but even if it were slightly true what is the alternative?  The Republicans declaring all Latino immigrants suspect like in Arizona?  This ad was created by Latinos for Reform an operation run by conservative Republican Robert DePosada, a former director of Hispanic affairs for the Republican National Committee.  This ad shows contempt for the Hispanic community by the Republican Party.    I don’t care who you vote for even though I don’t think Republicans have the best interest of the Latino community at heart… everyone should vote.  If you are registered please VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

From the NY Times: Demonize, Then Demoralize

I leave you with a few music clips that I  enjoyed this past week.  They say one never hears better music then the music one hears in their teens.  I think some of that is true but I think my musical tastes have evolved through the years.   Rock & Roll is still my favorite type of music but I have all sorts of musical genres in my Ipod.  These clips are all from my younger days. Enjoy!

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Weekend at CinemaRay’s

The Town: I went to see Ben Affleck’s The Town on Friday night.  Right up front I’m not one of those who hates Affleck.  In fact I’m not sure why people turned on him the way they did a few years ago.  He started dating Jennifer Lopez and suddenly he was toxic and the butt of jokes. (pardon the pun JLo)  I don’t get the Lopez hating either but that’s for another blog. Yeah I know he’s made some bad films but who hasn’t?  Oh well,  I very much enjoyed the last film he directed, Gone Baby Gone, I thought it showed some promise.  This latest film I think fulfills that promise.  The Town is taut and exciting though filled with a few conventional crime thriller moves or should I say clichés it nonetheless is a solid entry and he got some nice performances out of his cast.  Especially Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively.  By the way I’ve never seen Gossip Girl so I didn’t even know what Lively looked liked but I thought she turned in a really nice performance here.  The rest of the cast is rounded out by Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall, both very good as well.  Affleck also co-wrote the screenplay and does a pretty good job as the thief with a conscience.  A solid effort all around for Mr. Affleck who may just yet carve out an Eastwood-like career for himself.

Real Time with Bill Maher:

On another note, Friday’s night’s Bill Maher was kind of disappointing.  He got some good points and a few laughs in but also let Amy Holms & Andrew Breitbart go on and on with their bullshit lies without rebuttal.  Seth McFarlane who was the third person on the panel  is usually good for some pointed comments but he just sat there as if in awe and only managed to make a really lame joke about “doing” Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell (R).  A joke that immediately fell flat.  It seemed like Maher had some sort of deal with Breitbart & Holms that he wouldn’t slam them or even confront them.  In fact at one point he did say he promised he wouldn’t talk about race with Breitbart…what the fuck?  Why would he set any preconditions for anyone to come on?  He did get some digs in on O’Donnell by showing the following clip of her making a moronic statement about evolution but on the whole the hour was sub-par.

The Republican Pledge to America

A few words about the Republican Pledge to America, they must really think Americans are stupid.  This 21 page rehash of everything they’ve been promising for the last 10 years is just full of so much bullshit that it must be hard for them to keep from laughing as they announced it.   The sad truth is that Americans are that stupid and a whole bunch of them have swallowed this line over and over again and I’m sure they have this time around too.  As Paul Krugman pointed out in his column last Friday, if they were to leave Defense, Social Security  and Medicare alone and give tax cuts to the wealthy like they’ve promised plus balance the budget by 2020 they would have to shut down the rest of the Federal Gov’t.  It’s a bogus strategy to regain power and unfortunately it will probably work.  Check out the following Jon Stewart clip from The Daily Show to see what I mean.

Postcards from the Pledge

Regarding political affiliations, I find it distressing that so many people choose a party the same way they choose a favorite sports team.  Once chosen, winning is the only thing that matters.  No thought goes into what their guys are saying or how they are governing.  My team is winning case closed.  Rah Rah Rah!  This shouldn’t be this way and I’m sure I’m not the first person to think this.  Politics and it’s consequences are so much more important than winning and losing a contest.  It’s enough to make one tune out and go away from all this.  Not that it matters but my political affiliation is Independent.  In my life I’ve voted for Republicans as well as Democrats.  The first vote I took was for Ronald Reagan so I’m not a left-wing ideologue in case you were wondering.  But I do think this current crop of Republicans and their Tea Party movement is extreme and in fact some of them seem quite deranged.   I don’t believe in giving my neighbors the reins of government.   I don’t want Joe Blow from up the street who thinks someone took his country away and yearns to go back to the bigoted and segregated times of the 1940’s & 50’s to have the power to go to war on a whim.   That’s what the Tea Party looks like to me.  I want someone who is smarter than I am, has studied the law and has a degree of sophistication about them.  If that’s an elitist then that’s who I want running things.  This idea that we want a president we can have a beer with is beyond stupid.

Greenberg: Just watched Noah Baumbach‘s Greenberg starring Ben Stiller.  Baumbach specializes in making films about annoying and self-involved people who are never boring.  See The Squid and the Whale & Margot at the Wedding to name his two last efforts in annoying characters that never bore and you will see what I’m talking about.  Here Ben Stiller plays the just released from an “insane asylum” Greenberg of the title who is house-sitting for his brother in L.A. and trying to make some sort of sense of a life unplanned for.  His abrasiveness and self-involvement has pretty much stopped him from living his life and unknowingly he has affected those around him.  His childhood friends either resent him or don’t remember him.  The trick I find that Ben Stiller does here very well is to play Greenberg unflinchingly without backing off.  He manages to make an unlikable  character identifiable and therefore human.  No small feat considering what a sourpuss Greenberg is throughout  this very good but small slice of life film.

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