Another Lazy Sunday

I’m having a pretty lazy Sunday and really don’t feel like writing much.

I went to the movies last night and saw David Fincher’s The Social Network.   I thought the dialogue was smart, the pace fast and the performances all very good.  Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay plays a little fast with the facts but it doesn’t matter.  The Social Network  is not a documentary.  Yes I know no one speaks this way but so what.  By the way no one speaks David Mamet either.  Sorkin makes a dry subject, the writing of code during the founding of  Facebook,  move like a thriller.  I suspect Mr. Sorkin will be up for an Oscar come awards season.   The Social Network is a film about our times and that’s what makes it a must see.   By the way, Justin Timberlake (Heir to the Timberlake Boot Fortune) gives a terrific performance.  This kid really does have talent.

Have you seen Mishka the auto-tune dog?  Pretty funny!

This Funny or Die Video of Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady is pretty funny also.

Click here: Every Little step with Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady

In case you missed it earlier this week Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake gave us The History of Rap.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 was the 120th birthday of one of the greatest screen comedians of all time, the incomparable Groucho Marx.  When I was younger whenever I felt a little down I would pop in a Marx Bros film and it would do more for my spirits then anything else.  Here are several of his videos for your enjoyment.

The Best of Groucho

The Marx Bros Mirror Scene from Duck Soup (1933)

Whatever it is I’m Against it – Groucho Marx (Horse Feathers, 1932)

Lastly I leave you with a video my friend Buddy Katz posted on Facebook that I really liked very much.  It’s the great Bob Marley song One Love performed by musicians from around the world in honor of his birthday on February 6th.  See if you can watch this video without feeling uplifted.

  1. I liked Social Network too. From some criticisms I had read I was expecting Zuckerberg to come out completely unlikeable, but it was more complicated than that. Overlooking his youthful douchery (which was very douchey), I felt a certain admiration for him. It might have been Eisenberg’s performance, but I thought he had some humanity hidden within the ambitious, brilliant machinations.

    • I felt the same way. I walked out of the theater actually liking the Zuckerberg character. Hmmm maybe this says something about me but I didn’t think he was unlikable in the movie at all.

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